cool iphone 6 plus cases

pink pattern damask iphone 6 plus cover case

So last Saturday, after whole week of hectic work, I went straight to M1 at Tampines Mall at around 10am. By then, the shop was quite pack with people queuing up for special deals. For me, I just want to get my hand on IPhone 6plus and hence after browsing through for a 10 handsome minutes, I decided to renew a 2 year contract with M1 by choosing the I-max plan at s$101 monthly fee. With that, I had to only play s$40 for my iPhone 6 plus. Oh...

5 Christmas Gift Ideas


Most of us celebrate Christmas and during this festive season, sharing gift is an important custom. Especially in this material world, we want not only better but also with reasonable price gift. That is why gives you this 5 Christmas gift ideas that you could consider for this year xmas period. 1. Transparent book weight Fantastic gift idea for book lover. You can order from here. 2. Insane giant wine glass This...

Soda Stream Perfect Gift For Christmas 2014

try this soda maker machine genesis soda stream

The origins of the home carbonation drink for home dated back to 1903 when Guy Gilby invented the first soda machine. This great machine was used by English aristocrats. During the 20th century, soda machine, increasingly became a home appliance in England and almost everywhere in the world. Founded in 1991, SodaStream has become in 16 years the world's largest soda machine manufacturer. This Soda stream requires a can of gaz to operate...

The Most Expensive Engagement Ring In Singapore


Probably the most expensive engagement ring in Singapore would go to a diamond ring by Lorraine Schwartz Inc. This company was found by Lorraine Schwartz who is a world-renowned jewelry designer, known for her trendsetting and customized creations. Her diamond wedding ring are featured by many holywood star. No wonder, her designer ring would no doubt probably be one of the most expensive wedding ring in Singapore...

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